Consulting Services for Individuals

As a consultancy, the company will provide expert advice to those seeking benefits and services from the Social Security Administration. As a Subject Matter Expert (SME), Byrd Consultants has the knowledge and experience to work with a broad spectrum of clients who are seeking answers to perplexing questions around retirement and benefits.

Focus areas include:

Retirement Planning Disability Benefits
Survivor’s Benefits Medicare

Consulting Services for Organizations

We work with corporations, financial planners, educational institutions and others to explain options individuals confront throughout their lives. We help educate employees on the many options they face

We provide expert advice through:

One-half day or full-day workshops for employers
Training seminars for financial services professionals
Retainer-based relationships with businesses and service providers


We can provide extensive research on your issues and concerns, for both individuals and organizations. Whether you are approaching retirement or have questions about survivor benefits, let us research and resolve your specific personal cases and challenges. We help
entities ensure that employees and clients receive accurate and timely information on the complex nuances of the Social Security Administration (SSA).

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Sharon Byrd

Sharon Byrd, Founder & CEO

Our Mission

Poised to assist an American public that is uninformed on the policies and procedures of the Social Security Administration, Byrd Consultants draws upon 30 years of experience by its principal owner, Sharon Byrd, who has served as an SSA claims representative and as a public information specialist.

Some 10,000 Americans reach retirement age each day, a trend that will continue for the next 15 years. Unfortunately, many have failed to adequately prepare for their retirement, and are in need of services that can help them meet the challenges ahead.

As a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on all things Social Security, Byrd Consultants provides a much-needed service for individuals and companies that care about the well-being and quality of life of their employees and clients.